Womadelaide 09

I spent the last weekend in surprisingly temperate weather at Womadelaide.  Overall I found it a little underwhelming, I remember seeing the lineup a few months ago and being a bit dissapointed by the apparent lack of variety – there seemed to be an all too obvious preference towards headlining Australian/NZ acts.  I was also miffed by the absence of Japanese act, the trio of drummers last year were incredible. The setting of Botanic Park always provides a nice calming atmosphere for the event and the weather was a distinct contrast to last year’s stinking hot duststorm.  Lauren and I set up our little campsite under a couple of fig trees for Saturday and Sunday which provided an occasional reprieve from the ensuing festivities.  Some of the acts were either rote or just downright disappointing, the latter applied to local act The Audreys, who seemed to be going through the motions to a large expectant crowd. There were highlights though – Neil Finn performed a fun tight set with his sons Liam and Elroy joining him onstage and the nomadic Bedouin Jerrycan Band were spirted and engaging.   The top pick though has to go to the revalatory ‘Chinese Bjork’ Sa Ding Ding who played a beautifully moving and thrilling set on Saturday night, replete with synth rock, amplified fans, eeiree gracefulness and magnificent costume changes:

So it was a fun weekend, but I do hope the organisers present a more interesting line-up next year instead of opting for easy/crowd friendly options.


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