Bicycles, Clipsal 500, Tsingtao Beer & ACMC

I heart my bike. I’ve just been for a long ride this afternoon, winding through the backstreets of Goodwood and along the designated trails that run parallel with the tramline.  The menacing drone of over-sexed cars have been buzzing inanely through the humid climate as the dreaded Clipsal 500 overruns Adelaide with its ugly fusion of bogans, petroleum and more bogans.  Enough said, suffice to say walking thorough the city last night was not very pleasant.  So now I’m back home as the signs of a cool change arc over the the skyline, I’m drinking a fantastic imported Chinese beer and going over some notes for an essay on improvisation that I intend to submit to the Australian Computer Music Conference.  I don’t really know what the point of this post is, so I’ll finish up now.


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