Artifacts 1: Postpak @ 2am


Over the past six months I’ve done a lot of recordings with my mobile phone – quite simply, I set it to the video capture function, stick it in a space (or inside a resonant object in a space) and wait on the results.  What I like about this lo-fi recording approach is what comes with the recorded document – the artifacts of the technology.  You could think about a technological artifact as the hum of electrical wires, the buzz of a radio or, in the case of recordable formats: the crackle of vinyl or the hiss of magnetic tape.  The artifacts inherent in digital technology formats have their own characteristic sounds, this is particular in the case of a mobile phone (heavy compression, etc.)

So with that in mind I made a recording of my backyard around 2am, by placing the phone in the middle of a postpak.  The result was a bit spooky.

Audio soon.


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