Artifacts 2: a day in Semaphore, recording via the yellow cup


Today I went out to Semaphore to visit mum’s bookstore (Bookbox: see older post).  It was a beautiful mild day out by the bay, with clear skies, light breezes and general quiet about the place.  I decided to take the opportunity to do some recordings down by the beach with my mobile phone and another resonant object.  The postpak seemed a bit too cumbersome to carry all that way, so I decided on a more compact ceramic mug.  The bright yellow vessel was placed in a couple of locations – 1) under the jetty to capture the hissing sands and the thumping of feet overhead against the gentle roar of the ocean and 2) 10 metres from the surf in the open.  There was strong wind by the water so I used my straw hat as a baffle. N.B Though this counts as an additional acoustic treatment, it doesn’t really treat the overall sonic result per se, and if the baffle was not used the result would be completely distorted.  I’m listening over the results now and I’m satisfied enough – they have an efferfescent, organic nature to them – like listening to the fizzing of an asperin…with gulls flying overhead.

Again, audio soon.


I’m really enjoying visiting the Bookbox, it brings back fond memories of visiting mum’s 2nd hand store in Myponga (1999-2000) when I’d go down the coast on weekends in the early years of Uni.  I picked up the books I’d reserved at the opening last week, including some Camus (The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus) and a late 60’s tome on Japanese architecture (very modernist, but highly adventurous!).  Continuing the Japanese theme today, I picked some transcribed shakuhachi sheet music (annoteted for tenor recorder) and a brilliant book on Japanese music and instruments.  Go Bookbox, thanks mum!

I picked up some records too, including some rare Impress ‘mood music’.  More on that later…I’m very excited about this.


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