Playing with Synth Pond

Some of the iPhone/Touch music applications available are pretty beige, but there are some that are simply brilliant.  Specifically because the ideas are so simple, brilliant and well executed.  Zach Gage’s Synth Pond is a case in point – it’s essentially a synth sequencer consisting of affector and reactor nodes.  An affector node will create a tone which ripples outwards according to its ‘life’ parameter, then if a reactor node is within the vicinity of the affector’s tone, the reactor also produces a tone.  I love the tactile and intuitive nature of this app – the ability to allow nodes to ‘orbit’ each other is particularly awesome.  The tempo and node responsivness features are also very cool.

It also has OSC (Open Sound Control) support (!) which means that it doubles as a Bluetooth control interface.

I made a couple of short chilled compositions – one clean and static, the other with some real-time treatments.

Example one – static and clean

Example two – treated and becoming


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