<– Melbourne, A Basket Of Good Eggs


Last night, myself (iPod Touch, laptop) Jason Sweeney (keyboard, patches), Zoe Barry (cello) and Jed Palmer (guitar) performed as Panoptique Electrical  as part of Sensory Project’s A Basket of Good Eggs at the immaculately odd Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne.  There was a great crowd turnout and the programme included many other wonderful local acts – namely Great Earthquake, Children Of The Wave and The Sun Blindness.  Our set was very enjoyable, considering this was the first time I’ve performed alongside Zoe and Jed – having met them for the first time an hour before we went on stage.  The set itself was captured on Jason’s brand new video camera, and from what I saw on the tiny screen playback afterwards, it looks really nice!  The audio seems quite good as well, so expect an embedded YouTube video soon.   As for the theatre itself, the understated frontage is a complete bluff for the turn-of-the-century OTT gold piped opulance of the interior.  Wow.  What a pleasure it was to perform in such a beautiful venue.  Special thanks to Steve of Sensory Projects for organising such a memorable event, and a great opportunity for a whistlestop visit to Melbourne.  All in the space of less than 24 hours!  * the breakfast down Degraves Avenue this morning was fantastic too.

** Oh yeah, if those seats in the photos look empty – they are.   I should reassure you dear visitor, that they filled up handsomely throughout the evening, if memory serves, I took the bulk of those images as the first act got underway.  So there you go.


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