Making the most of being crook

panoptique bag

I woke up this morning with twenty sheets of pain in my head so I decided it would be wise to call in sick at the office and wisely recuperate.  After a couple of cups of tea followed with instant soup I was feeling vaugely myself and decided to tend to a few impending things.  Tonight is the second Panoptique Electrical show at the Gallery Delacatessen (see Upcoming tab for details) so I thought I would make some additional preparations – double checking the bagged inventory, the Ableton Live session, etc.  I also spent a bit of time making some ‘limited edition’ copies of my recent digital release Staub to sell to curious punters at the red_robin show this Sunday.  The design essentially matches the minimal quality of the music – bare graphic detail and design.  I’m pretty happy with it, I’ll be selling them for $5 at the show.  Ten copies have been produced so get in quick, the Xmas single ‘Enlaced’ is included as a bonus track.


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