AFUM: Christian Haines

Christian Haines performed as part of AFUM on Thursday night.

His first piece involved large chunks of ice with piezo transducers being submerged in boiled water, the impossible inaudible of melting ice being brought to the threshold of audibility via the wonders of amplification.  What was most interesting about this piece how it provided an insight into the physicality of the ice itself, its gradual then, rapid disintegration revealed through sound. No doubt a speculation on the melting of larger chunks of ice at a distant pole…

The second piece examined the morphology of sound, demonstrated using subtle sonic textures  – scattered glitches > long drones > chiming bells.

The third piece – a reinterpretation of Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique Pour 100 Metronomes – involved audience participation and the use of our mobile phones to emit a regular/irregular clicking pulse (the app uploaded to our phones beforehand.)  The sonic result echoed the textural details and phase relationships inherent in Ligeti’s work, but was also made visually interesting due to the app’s black-white-black flashing of the screens.  The climax of the piece – my phone vs Luke Altmann’s was a tense, captivating event interspersed with good humour.  Incidentally, Luke claimed the victor’s spoils.

A great evening’s work from Chrisitan, who regrettably performs his work too rarely.


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