AFUM: Panoptique Electrical 15/4/09


Image: Seb Tomczak

It’s been busy and hectic in these parts, hence the late write up.

The Panoptique Electrical show as part of AFUM went very well on Wednesday evening.  With a customised minimalist PA set-up (two small Bose speakers front stage, two standalone loudspeakers at the back of the space), our improvised set sounded good in the cosy confines of the Deli space.  As it was the first time I’d used Ableton Live for the purposes of performance, I have to say that the software is ideal for the processing of real-time inputs and the looping/manipulation of samples and field recordings.  A recording of our performance was made and should be available soon.



These images: TLR

I have included Seb Tomczak’s thoughts on the concert in the comments section.  Thanks once again for the photos and video capture Seb!


1 thought on “AFUM: Panoptique Electrical 15/4/09”


    Jason Sweeney and Tristan Louth-Robins presented an improvised laptop performance, consisting of droning samples, synthesis material and real time recording.

    The mesmerising nature of the performance proved very successful, as the sonic material slowly drifted and traveled from one audio ‘landscape’ to another. With live sets like these, one can’t help but to wonder about a subconscious underlying, internal narrative – perhaps not in a linear sense, but in an overall descriptive one. The use of field recordings to enhance this feeling alongside the spatialisation of the audio and the subtle sonic morphologies all gave rise to an excellent set, one which I was happy to have been present at.

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