Play it safe

Condom/glass jar/microphone combo

Last night I gave a presentation at Dorkbot.  Hoarsing myself through a disintegrating voice I haphazardly went over a year’s worth of sonic activity, touching on my interest on technological artifacts, acoustic conditioning and its application in my work.

Today I set about working on the EAF project, focusing on the task at hand with the sound design.  I’m still composing the main components at this stage, gathering sonic material here and there.  In need of some discreet sonic textures, I decided it was time to make some more ‘conditioned’ field recordings ala Toshiya Tsunoda, so I dusted off the minidisc and got to work.

The condom/glass jar combo works suprisingly well – it provides a light rainy patter whilst the faint resonances of the glass jar are articulated by the ocassional passing car in the distance and the chirping birds.  It’s a nice combination.

Play safe kids – keep those microphones clean.


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