Phase relations revisited

phase relation chart

It’s been a long, long time since I last charted some phase relations.  The last time was probably back in 2006 when I was preparing a chart for a two person performance of Reich’s Clapping Music at the Tyndall Assembly.

Well, it’s mid-2009 and I’ve thrown myself right into the composition/arrangement phase for the upcoming Tensions at the Experimental Art Foundation.

The sound design for the space will consist mainly of three looped sound compositions, which will be mostly homogeonous to each other albeit with slight textural and dynamic variations.  The three loops will be broadcast from three sets of two speakers (i.e. stereo channels) mounted from the walls in different areas of the space.  This is where working out the phase relations comes in.

Since each of the three loops have different durations (8, 11 and 14 minutes), they will inevitably drift in and out of phase with each other, so at the moment I’m trying to work out the best arrangement that permits interesting relationships and desired sound textures for specific areas of the space, whilst maintaining a relatively homogenous sound field throughout the space.

Delicate stuff.

I’ll be writing more about the concept and ideas underpinning the sound design in the coming weeks leading up to the opening.


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