Decisions / Plogue Bidule: revisited

plogue bidule

Life is full of compromises.  I decided to resign from my 9-5 job the other day, eschewing a steady comfortable income in favour of my sanity.  Following my departure Friday next week, along with my renewed healthy state will come with time to focus on my practice as well as re-animating my corpse of a thesis.  However, since there will be less money coming in I won’t be able to realistically afford to renew my Max/MSP license anytime soon*.  So it’s hello Plogue Bidule – a cheaper patching paradigm, and still (more or less) capable of what I’m wanting to acheive process-wise at the moment.

Today I’ve been spending a lazy Saturday working away on the EAF sound design,  taking some rendered audio and feeding it through a network of pitch delays and bubblers in Plogue.  The sonic result is similar to what could have been done in Ableton Live, but having a more visual representation of the technical process provides me with an alternative approach to composition which I always find refreshing.

Here’s a sample of some of today’s work.  It will eventually become part of a looped ‘room composition’ for Tensions at the EAF.  The raw material is derived from some teapot resonance.  The technical process involves a series of pitch delays, hi pass filters and some thoughtful routing/mixing.

‘A Three Thirty’ (4:28, 4.1 MB)


* I purchased a 9-month ‘student’ version of Max/MSP last year.

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