Play it safe #3

night rain recording

Last night it was cold in Adelaide town, and there was a decent fall of rain to boot.  Around 10pm I decided to capitalise on this with my current recording combo of glass jar, condom and stereo condensor microphone (to minidisc.)  I recorded about 30 minutes of the freezing rain shower as it slowly passed over our backyard.  I’ve posted a short excerpt of the recording as the shower begins.  I love the purcussive effect of rain striking the membrane and the subtle resonances of the falling rain  in the distance.

‘Rainshower_060609’ (2:20, 2 MB)


3 thoughts on “Play it safe #3”

  1. Hi Tristan, the Tensions work looks great, I wish I were in Adelaide to see it! I am performing the sound for a play at the moment (Lauren can tell you about it). At one point while I was making sounds for the play I recorded a condom membrane about 2 mm away from the condensor microphone moving over body hair. It is a terrifying sound which must not be repeated.

    1. Hi Matthew! Thanks for the comments, my apologies taking awhile to reply to your comment as the rigors of the eaf install took their toll on my available time to answer emails, etc. I’ve been recuperating for the past couple of days after the opening. There is now an image slide show on the website with an accompanying live sound recording of what the work actually sounds like in the space:

      I am hoping to soon write more comprehensively on the blog (and elsewhere) about the work and how it relates to practice at present, explaining some the ideas behind it with regard to the broader concepts of the exhibition itself, etc.

      I hope things are going well for you, nice to hear that others are involved in practicing safe sound art too! 😉



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