Free & avoiding the chill


No more 9 to 5 tedium!  Freedom came on Friday afternoon with the hospitable weather that has swept across Adelaide over the past couple of days.  After a couple of nights of merriment I’ve focused on the tasks at hand – EAF Tensions and my masters thesis.  The ongoing sound design for Tensions has been the priority for the day.

I went out to Semaphore in the morning to visit mum at the bookstore, but forgot that she was interstate for the next week and opted for coffee elsewhere and decided to check out the records in Mr.P Music down the main strip.  I found an interesting (and cheap) vinyl of sound effects which I promptly snatched along with a kitsch ‘Sexy Hammond’ edition and a copy of ‘Switched on Bacharach’, the latter being severely underwhelming.  The vinyl of sound effects was the stealer though, as it had a rising test tone track amongst the sound of engines and starting pistols etc.

Test tones on vinyl are sonic gold.  As soon as I got home, I’d set my turntable up with a customised locked groove and started exploring the (lightly crackling) rising sine tone in tandem with some effects and processors.  The results – after a few hours of recording and editing are perfect for Tensions with respect to the broader panoramic sound design.

In the past 3 months I’ve recorded probably about 10 hours of material for what will be essentially 30-50 combined minutes of sound.  After spending a good month fossiking through the many tracks I’ve recorded in search of the right part/material, my solution appears in the grooves of a $2 vinyl.


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