Tensions review: Aimee-Lee Curran

From: http://adelaide.citysearch.com.au/arts/1137662802740/Tristan+Louth+Robins+&+Shoot+Collective

Sound artist Tristan Louth-Robins and Shoot Collective have joined forces to produce Tensions, an exhibition that examines the effect of an ever-increasing flow of information technology on the human psyche. Our daily lives are literally flooded with stimulation of the worst and most erratic kind – emails, text messages, phone calls, facebook and Myspace comments, advertising on the internet, television and radio; the list is as endless as the information itself.

However, the information superhighway we perceive to be not only entertaining but also necessary to our daily lives, is causing us to mutate from creative, active beings, into mere passive receivers of data. Scientific studies have suggested that, when exposed to large and continuous amounts of electronic information, the brain may be prevented from producing emotions such as empathy.

Tensions attempts to raise an awareness of the ubiquitous nature of communication technology and the resulting ‘e-motions’ that are replacing true and vivid human responses to worldly stimulation. It is highly appropriate then, that Louth-Robins opens his audience to the concepts of focused listening and heightened awareness. His collaboration with Shoot Collective is innovative and challenging and, most importantly, offers respite from the meaningless images flashing across our computer screens all day.

Aimee-Lee Curran

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