What’s been happening? Lots, but not the kinds of activity that can easily distilled into separate posts, so therefore dot-points are necessary:

  • I’ve recently come out the better side of a minor flu. Whether or not it was of the bacon variety, that’s unknown but I most certainly felt awful for a few days. Thankfully I had quite a few Tom Baker era Dr Who DVDs on hand for ample distraction.
  • I’ve been doing a great deal of slashing and burning. RE: the thesis, that is. How are you gonna keep them down on the farm? Whip them, consult a thesaurus and shout at the tea-towels. That helps.
  • I’ve been preparing for the upcoming Panoptique Electrical tour which I’m awfully excited about. New sounds derived from sizzling peppercorns will accompany a plethora of pre-recorded material and vinyl plagiarism as I join Jason, Zoe and Jed on our rolling thunder revue across SA, VIC and NSW throughout August.
  • I’ve been cooking up a storm at home, when I haven’t been sneezing into it. Tonight’s dish was my fab Algerian beef with sultanas and lemon rice. It went down a fancy what with some cheap wine.
  • Aside from that, I’ve been reading up on my Salman Rushdie, giving the fish names, listening to a copious amount of 1976-1980 Bowie and planning ahead for 2010 with grand plans for exhibitions, seminars, conferences and bedhead.

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