EAF: Tensions ~ bump out

Tensions, artist talk, 9/7/09.  Image: Ed James
Tensions, artist talk, 9/7/09. Image: Ed James

My collaborative exhibition with Shoot Collective, Tensions, finished on Saturday and tomorrow we begin the task of bumping out the works and clearing the way for the upcoming exhibition and residencies in the EAF space.  Lauren and I are looking forward to reacquainting ourselves with the 20-odd kilograms of technology detritus, though I expect a majority of it will end up in the recycling bin.  Moreso, I’m looking forward to having two of my favourite loudspeakers back in my possession.

This has been by far the most exhaustive project I’ve undertaken in my practice thus far – the workrate and energy that went into the months of development, production and realisation for Tensions was completely new territory for me.  Thankfully the installation into the space was a breeze.

Given the feedback I’ve received and been privy to, the exhibition was a success and we my consider taking the project elsewhere in the future.  My thanks to the many people who came along to see the work throughout June and July.


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