Panoptique Electrical: Canberra (19/8/09)



It was my first trip to Canberra.  What an interesting place it is, such a planned city!  Circular CBD topographies, uniform buildings, a predominantly white population, etc.  Quite European.

There was barely a soul about as we arrived in the late afternoon with some weak slanted light pouring over the mountain ranges and a frosty chill in the air.  The show at the Front Bar Gallery went very well, our good comrade Shoab Ahmed (who organised the gig) opened proceedings, followed by a solo set from myself then the main Panoelectrical attraction.  The evening’s field recording came courtesy of Zoe’s mum’s water feature – a nice sibilant backing that played subtly against our moody drone variations.  Now Jason, Jed and I are currently kicking back in Sydney awaiting the arival of Zoe for our final performance of the tour on Sunday evening at the Don’t Look Now Gallery.

Video/audio from the Canberra show should surface shortly.


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