OSC Revisited


With an upcoming performance in mind I thought I’d return to working with OSC (Open Sound Control.)  At the start of the year I started experimenting with Hexler’s iPhone app Touch OSC which basically operates as a wireless interface which I used as a control device for Max/MSP.  It worked OK, but there was no foreseeable application for it in a compositional or performative context.  Since I acquired Ableton Live and started using it in live performance (most recently on tour with Panoptique Electrical) I’d become interested in controlling parameters in Live over a wireless network.

Around this time, Hexler released the Touch OSC Editor which allows the user to create their own patches, and recently incorporated a label feature which is very handy for identifying faders, buttons, X/Y grids, etc.   This certainly piqued my interest in working with OSC once again since I would be able to customise my own patches which could be specific to parameters in Live.

One of the issues I’d been encountering when I started working with OSC and Max/MSP was the absence of a reliable protocol for sending and receiving messages between the app and computer.   OSCulator is an ideal solution – a fantastic piece of software developed by Camille Troillard which identifies a variety of control devices – Lemur, Wii, Wacom and of course the iPod Touch/Phone – has minimal latency and is very user friendly.


With this in mind, I’ve spent the day designing a template for Touch OSC and assigning parameters to an Ableton performance session.  Basically, it will enable me to control faders, track panning, activation/soloing, triggering samples and controlling a four band EQ.  Simple stuff at the moment, but I will incorporate some more sophisticated functionality shortly and provide some video documentation as well.


4 thoughts on “OSC Revisited”

  1. Hey tristan. Great stuff everywhere, man. Keep it up!
    Hey, well, is there a tutorial or something you can help me out with?
    Imagine m playing my guitar, and using touchosc, i wanna control the output of my sound using max msp and arduino.(so basically controlling my output wirelessly) I dont think its tough to do.. But i am just a beginner, ..Can you please help me out with this? I do have all the softwares and hardware…

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