Infuser @ The Art of Tea

Infuser (2007-2009) - Tristan Louth-Robins
Infuser (2007-2009) - Tristan Louth-Robins

At long last, my ‘teapot work’ Infuser is finally being exhibited.  Somewhat conveniently (and appropriately) it is being exhibited as part of the Helpmann Academy’s ‘Art of Tea’ exhibition which is being held at the ARIspace, 209 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide from the 19th to 26th of October.  Infuser has been a two year labour of love, going through several variations before reaching its final form a couple of months ago.  Aside from being an installation work in its own right, it will also serve as part of the creative portfolio for my masters thesis which is nearing completion.

How does it work/what does it do? Essentially, a pre-recorded sound of reinforced resonances from each teapot is played back into that teapot on a three minute loop.  What the listener hears is the sound of the teapot playing itself,  in essence responding to the sound of itself.  More conceptually, Infuser speculates the re-contextualising of domestic objects, in this case the teapot reconfigured as a sound object.  The title is also a slightly punning reference to the process of infusing tea, wherein the case of the work, sound had essentially been ‘infused’ (had its resonances reinforced) to create each sound recording.

I’m hoping it will be a nice addition to the exhibition.

Where: ARIspace, 209 Melbourne  Street North Adelaide, South Australia

Exhibition dates: 19-26th October 2009

Exhibition opening: 6pm, Tuesday 20th October


3 thoughts on “Infuser @ The Art of Tea”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful looking work! (The photograph alone is stunning and I’d like it on a postcard please.) I can’t wait to hear it and congratulations on the exhibition.

    (by the way, your automatically generated ‘possibly related post’ is “Beyond Mom: 5 keys to creating harmony”… totally related… hmmm…)

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