OSC (stopgap post) – OS/iTunes issues/rant

No update on the previous post yet I’m afraid – my ipod touch freaked out rather violently last night and I place the blame firmly on the unstable iTunes Version 9 which seems to have given my beloved device a temporary personality disorder.  Thankfully, by updating the touch OS to the latest version it seemed to resolve the issue.  On that note, beware of the latest Mac updates – if other updates are out of synch it’s going to create a number of issues for you, iTunes v9 is a case in point -> you can’t access the iTunes Store if you don’t have Safari V4 installed, and Safari requires the latest security update.  *sigh*

Anyway, it’s all good now after dl-ing a quarter of a gigabyte of updates and I’ve finally been able to get my mits on the new Eno/Chivers app Trope, which ironically is sorely underwhelming.  *long sigh*

Not much of a trope
Not much of a trope

More here: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2009/09/20/new-iphone-app-by-brian-eno-trope/

Another OSC post will be coming soon, and I’ll be going over some non-Touch OSC interfaces soon as well.


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