Field Recording in Waite Conservation Reserve

Number 2

Yesterday during my lunch break at work I decided to check out part of the walking trail that runs from the back of the CSIRO’s Land & Water site into the Waite Conservation Reserve.  I only made it to the second checkpoint (a nice lookout that gives you a great view of Adelaide) but I decided I’d come back the following day to check out the rest of the areas.

Image courtesy of University of Adelaide
Image courtesy of University of Adelaide

There were some nice fields of sound as well (echo, resonance, birds, etc) so I thought I’d bring my recording gear along too.  The weather was perfect this morning for the bike ride from Unley to the CSIRO.   Over the course of about two hours I’d managed to do a circuit of the reserve, make some recordings and take in the scenery.  The recordings were OK – I got a few minutes of some bird varieties squabbling with each other and some interesting resonances when I plunged the mic down a couple of stray pipes in the ground.  There were a couple of caves about as well, but I didn’t want to chance the risk of snakes in the long grass.  It is hatching season after all.  I also really need to invest (or make) a decent wind baffler for the mic, too often good recordings are spoilt by wind clipping.  I’ve tried making a little foam windsock before but it just doesn’t do the job.  Oh well, maybe I’ll just save up for a high quality Sennheiser and get the specially made baffler for it.


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