Thesis: Sinking and resurfacing

I’m escaping one of my thesis chapters temporarily as the basin appears to be overflowing with rhetorical clusters.  I thought it might be appropriate to use my blog space as a willing reciprocal.   I’m a little bit stuck at the moment with the process of finishing this off, in recent weeks I haven’t seemed to be able the channel that high octane lucidity that propels me out of these tar pit moments.

The area in question is this elusive fourth chapter that serves as an expanded commentary on everything that’s come before it – in short, explaining why focused listening/sound art and the work of Lucier, Julius and my creative works are relevant in the 21st Century.


Yes I know, dangerous territory.  So far I’ve managed to snare, immolate, lacerate, dissolve, amputate, puncture, crucify, drench, poison and stink out my arguments in a flurry of seemingly aimless references to globalised culture, urban decay, data clouds, iPods and Umberto Eco.  So far, so shit.

However, today it would seem with my bullshit detector recharged and my fog lights on high beam, I’ve struck a little vein of coherence and relevance.  Hoorah!  I’m making an effort to emphasise the simplicity and minimalism of the cited works (with special reference to the respective performance aesthetics of Sachiko M and F.Lopez) and how an rapport may be facilitated between the work and the listener through the work’s apparent antithesis to the ills our modern existence.  Or something.  It makes more sense to me I’m sure, it just needs to be expressed a bit better and spread over a couple of thousand words.

Incidentally, my metaphor count is on a catastrophic level tonight.


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