Glorious retro! > Sanyo G-2612H(N)

I’ve been given a beautiful early/mid-1970’s Sanyo portable music centre.  It’s in great condition and can’t wait to get it running once I modify to existing power plug to the more standard configuration.  The speakers form the cover and the solid state unit of amplifier, radio, tape deck and turntable make up the base.  I did a little research on the model number last night, hoping to find the exact date of production but to no avail, suffice to say it’s quite a rare model and of considerable value.

I love these briefcase design music units – they’re such an aesthetically pleasing forerunner of the iPod docking stations that are so commonplace today.   It’s also battery operated!  I can’t wait to take this unit into remote area…vinyl crackle and nature – lovely!


1 thought on “Glorious retro! > Sanyo G-2612H(N)”

  1. I just scored one today outside of Sydney. Love it! I haven’t looked into needle replacement, etc, but hopefully this will live on for many years.

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