Spool: a new red_robin track / (Xmas) single!

In keeping with tradition, I’ve released a new red_robin track as a Xmas single.

Spool will be one of the tracks that will grace a full length release in the new year.  Like Enlaced last year, you have a selection of coloured artwork to choose from! (the colour bands are a tad more minimal than the four gaudy colours that came with Enlaced).  The artwork is bundled in a .zip with the choice of either MP3 or FLAC downloads.  See the links below:

Download Spool [6:50] mp3 (320 kbps), 16.5 MB

Download Spool [6:50] FLAC (16 bit, Level 5 encoding), 41.3 MB


2 thoughts on “Spool: a new red_robin track / (Xmas) single!”

    1. Thanks Adam! 🙂 – please let me know if you experience any audio issues with it via your player of choice (there is a bit of clipping in iTunes around 3:20 and the other louder sections.) Works fine as a standalone file via Quicktime/VLC etc. I’m going to go back and do some remastering of the track tonight (it could be improved, my original mastering was a tad hasty). I think my ears were knocked around a bit by a long flight earlier in the day too.

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