red_robin compilation on the way

I’m prepping a red_robin compilation for a UK experimental label Echo Obscura.  It will feature tracks from my previous releases Mimi, Enlaced, Tiefurt, Staub, Oslo and also contain the more recent “Spool” and “Mother Night” tracks.  A few tracks will also be ‘re-conditioned’ for the sake of the compilations sequencing.  The tracklist is below.

1. The Drop (from Mimi)

2. Julius (from Tiefurt)

3. Enlaced (2008 Xmas single)

4. Spool (2009 Xmas single a-side)

5. Isar (from Staub)

6. Distortion (from Oslo)

7. Vaulted (from Oslo)

8. Mother Night (2009 Xmas single b-side)

9. Meadow (from Tiefurt)

10. Flanko 2 (from Staub)


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