Composing in heat

Today marked the third consecutive day above forty degrees in Adelaide.  We’ve become pretty accustomed to this sort of weather over the past couple of years – bracing ourselves every six weeks or so over summer for another heatwave, the last one hit in November.  I’m somewhat relieved I’m not finishing the thesis draft off this weekend as I may have very well freaked out as the sun beared down and joined a monastery instead.  Instead I’ve confined myself to the house for the last couple of days, employing the A/C to form a comfortable channel of cooling air down the hallway of my house.  This is where I’ve stationed my musical activity.  It feels good to be working on music without the usual things buzzing away in the back of my head – thinking about going back to work the next day, doing the dishes, writing a thesis, you know.  I’ve just finished up a red_robin compilation for the folks at Echo Obscura, it will consist of some select tracks from the past couple of r_r releases.  Contrary to my previous post, I’ve decided to omit earlier TLR tracks and instead compile a shorter track list with a better feeling of structure to it.  I’m pretty excited about the whole enterprise.  Aside from that, I’ve been going over some possibilities for a microtonal chipmusic composition and thinking about new ideas for the full length r_r release this year, Hildur Gudnadottir and Fennesz have proven to be pretty inspirational of late.  I’ve got tomorrow off as well, and given that we’ve got another day above forty it would be most sensible to set up camp in the hallway once more and keep plugging and playing away.


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