Cooking blog? What/when was that?

Long time followers of my blogging will probably remember there used to be a sister blog (Don’t Mention The Garlic Crusher – now gone) that covered my cooking adventures.  It went silent about two years ago, ending on a spectacular note with a delicious courgette and chilli cous cous number.

Recently, I’ve been trying to re-engage with my cooking muse – learning a few new recipes and committing myself to making decent dishes. Last night was a good example of this, L and I made a lovely red capsicum dressing with salt boiled potatoes and blanched beans.  The key to this is in the making of the dressing.

2 red capsicums – roasted
3 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of cumin – roasted and ground
300 ml sherry vinegar
100 ml olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste.

300g green beans
500g kipfler or waxy potatoes

Start off with the roasted cumin – preheat the oven to 180 degrees, place the cumin on a baking tray and leave for 5 minutes allowing the oil to be roasted out of the cumin.  Put the cumin in a mortar/pestle and start grinding until it becomes powdery.

Now the capsicums – place the capsicums in the oven for about 40-45 minutes until they are nicely roasted and slightly blackened.  Put them in a plastic bag, letting them cool and sweat it out for about 10 minutes.

Whilst this is happening, boil the potatoes (with skins) in salted water.

Back to the capsicums – strip off the skin and remove the membrane, cutting into strips.

Enter blender/bar mixer: put in the capsicum along with the vinegar, cumin, garlic cloves, olive oil.  Blend like you know it.

As the potatoes finish up, throw the beans in and allow them to blanch for a minute or so.  Drain and throw into a heated oiled fry-pan for a couple of minutes.

Serve up the potatoes and beans with a generous dashing of the dressing.

The dish shouldn't be a blurry as this photo illustrates. If it is, well...

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