Reports from the deep

A blog quiet of late.

At present I’m finishing up the Masters thesis, which is almost completed bar a few chapter revisions and compiling the documentation of the creative works portfolio.  To be completely honest, I can’t wait to submit the tome – it’s the end of a long protracted phase and the beginning of an exciting one.

I’ve had a couple of little projects on the side whilst all of this madness has been going down.  With the prospect of recording the next Panoptique Electrical album, colabs and live performances over the next six months, I’ve been inclined to look into some new/revised composition processes and techniques.  Plouge Bidule’s come back into favour – I love its functionality and capability to realise ideas and technical processes quickly.  There’s some good stuff on the way.  I’ve also gotten back into taking some photographs (nothing too special, just domestic oddities), Flickr will offer up the goods.


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