I feel my stuff


Over the course of the last couple of weeks I’ve been suffering from recurrent muscle complaints about my legs and lower back.  It would seem problem stems from a lack of magnesium and salt coupled with bouts of muscular exertion in the form of my routine bike journeys to work and sitting improperly with my laptop in the evenings.  I’m steadily repairing myself on a steady diet of supplements, but my legs still aren’t in bike shape and as a result this morning I called in sick and got onto living the post thesis life, which involves planning upcoming shows/exhibitions and general hobbling about.

The Music:

There’s a couple of shows coming up – a solo spot supporting Collarbones (NSW/SA) on the evening of the 25th of February in Eden Hills at a ‘house’ show dubbed “Fuck The Fringe” – no doubt a nod to the inconvenient reality of the Adelaide Fringe Festival swallowing up most available venues/performance spaces this time of year.

Panoptique Electrical plays its first show in 6 months at the Wheatsheaf International on the 8th of March as part of COMA’s Summer programme.  It will be a thrill to perform again alongside Jason Sweeney, Jed Palmer and Zoe Barry.

Later in the month (28/3) I’ll be doing a solo support slot for sound artist Robert Curgenven at the Electronic Music Unit (EMU) as EMU begin rolling out their new programme of live music for the year.  As this gig and the Panoptique show gets closer I’ll post details.


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