Download my masters thesis (if you feel like it)

I finished my masters thesis last week, now I’ve finished up the suggested fine tuning from my principal supervisor (punctuation, referencing conventions, etc.) and it’s ready to be properly dispatched to the assessors.  I’ve uploaded it to my server as a standard .pdf document which you can download from the link below:

Download: “Still and Moving Lines: Listening & Signification in Sound Art” (2010) 69 pages, 26.4MB

At present, the creative portfolio (audio/video components) hasn’t been uploaded yet – it might take a little while as my bandwidth is shaped at present.  The thesis can still be (more or less) understood in isolation to the portfolio.

If you do happen to download and read it, I’d be most interested in any thoughts or feedback that you may have.  I will admit that I have ongoing ‘issues’ with the thesis – it’s based on an old idea that was stretched over four years…I’ve done my best to thread things together and keep it relatively consistent and conducive to the central argument.

One door closes, another opens…


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