Collarbones & TLR solo

Collarbones - Marcus Whale (left) & Travis Cook (right) || Image: TLR

On Thursday evening I did a solo performance as support for Collarbones’ Release The Vowels single launch at a ‘house show’ in Eden Hills, which is situated in the Adelaide foothills.  It was probably the most unorthodox show I’ve ever done, given it was staged in a backyard residence with a performance area set up in close proximity to a large swimming pool and oversize trampoline.  I don’t think my set was particularly good.  I was constantly struggling to hear myself over the late teen squeals and cacophony of conversations.  It really wasn’t the most ideal venue for my brand of hushed ambiance.   A bizarre moment: at one point during my set I made a mistake with a loop module and inadvertently turned a rich homogenous texture into a glitchy ‘crunked’ rhythmic pattern and a large proportion of the crowd broke into a impromptu dance…if only I’d kept doing that.  Collarbones (Marcus Whale [NSW] and Travis Cook [SA]) played a great set that seemed a lot better suited to the environs; laptop driven downtempo songs with impressive vocals by Marcus.  You can listen to their stuff via MySpace here:

I’d like to thank Marcus and Travis for offering me the support slot (and Jesse for offering up his place), even though I didn’t think my set was very good, I’m a firm believer that even bad shows can be a good experience in some ways.  I’m glad that a few people enjoyed the set too.


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