Work in progress / Micronation installment #2

Lady Bay, South Australia (c. Jan 2008) | Image: TLR

Over the last couple of days I’ve returned to the task of working on a new red_robin album – a full length collection of tracks inspired by the memory of spaces from my childhood.   I’ve been using the image above of the cliff face that overlooks Lady Bay (about 3km south of my hometown Normanville) as a point of reference.  This has been a work in progress since I finished the Panoptique Electrical tour in September 09, gathering raw material derived from various processes and experiments.  Last night I was surveying the current stock of raw material and half finished tracks and I think it’s definitely going to be a diverse set of tracks, back referencing previous styles (Julius-style sound composition, ambient, additive collage) and some current interests (spatilisation, rhythm, psuedo-chiptune via Nanoloop.)

In the meantime, here’s the latest installment of the Micronation project – a very fast and short track inspired by Lars Vilks’ republican monarchy of Ladonia in Southern Sweden.

Nanoloop v4i via short delay/reverb via Ableton.

Download: (Vilks’ On) Ladonia (mp3, 128 kbps, 1.2 MB)


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