Arduino Automata Ukulele (Version 2)!

After a long break, it’s finally been updated! Now playable on two strings and can be fretted on the DC motor ‘drone strings’ as well!

An example and a little song is documented in the video below.


3 thoughts on “Arduino Automata Ukulele (Version 2)!”

  1. Nice work. I’ve been tempted to look into arduino programming but there’s just too much stuff I want to do!
    Did it take long to suss out the picking motion?

  2. Re: picking motion, I worked it out pretty much on the first ‘installation’ version (, it involves sending a message over the Arduino to make the motors spin back and forth for set durations/speeds and pausing for regular intervals. The programming was actually more complex for the first version since the three motors were all spinning/pausing out of sync with each other. In the case of version two, they both operate on the same script. It’s all a bit tricky though from a practical point of view…with this version I tried to make the uke as ‘playable’ as possible but still attempt to generate a decent tone from the motor picking. There’s still more work to be done on it…for one, blu-tac will only hold DC motors for so long!

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