Upcoming show May 20: TOM HALL, Ambrose Chapel, Jason Sweeney & TLR

This is going to be a big show next Thursday.  Especially big in Adelaide terms, get along to it if you can!

Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Location: The EMU Space, Electronic Music Unit, 5th Floor Schultz Building, University of Adelaide

(enter via the Scott Theatre lifts behind the Schulz building, Kintore
Avenue, Gate 15) Supported by the Elder Conservatorium of Music and the University of Adelaide.

“..explorations into place, space and time..”
with Ambrose Chapel, Jason Sweeney and Tristan Louth-Robins


Tom Hall:

It has been in excess of 2 years since Tom Hall’s last full length
solo release. Since that release Hall has crossed the globe a number
times playing in excess of 250 live shows, experimenting and honing many of his techniques for producing live sound and image
performances. However, during this time Hall has been working away on one record, ‘Past Present, Below’, whether it’s been sitting on planes 35,000 feet above the earth or hidden away in a warehouse in San Francisco, this album is the ‘record’ of 2 years of experimentation, honing and life experiences drawn from almost every area Hall has visited, played,tasted or experienced.

Ambrose Chapel:

Ambrose Chapel is a music project by Ian Rogers (of AXXONN and No Anchor). Forged in the sweltering spare rooms of Brisbane summers, Ambrose Chapel finds Rogers exploring new sounds, production techniques and modes of performance.

Jason Sweeney:

Jason Sweeney is an Adelaide-based composer and the founder of the quartet, Panoptique Electrical. He is a sound artist and musician who has recorded and released works internationally since 1996. He is also one half of Pretty Boy Crossover.

Tristan Louth-Robins:

Tristan Louth-Robins (aka: red_robin) is an Adelaide-based Australian sound artist working in areas of electronic music and new media art. His works utilise assorted media and technologies to realise concepts and ideas associated with sound and its signification in various contexts.


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