Nearly a Master (pending amendments)

A copy of the thesis and the reports of Luke Harrald and Warren Burt.

It was with a great deal of relief that I received a letter from the University of Adelaide yesterday advising me that my thesis had been assessed and accepted with minor amendments required.  This was the outcome that I had hoped for, the comments from the assessors Luke Harrald and Warren Burt were very constructive and encouraging.  I would have been a bit suspicious had it been assessed and accepted with no amendments required.  It is a thesis on sound art and listening after all, and by its nature is open to all kinds of interpretation.

Luke provided a good objective report on some areas that might need revision, whilst Warren’s report was by far one of  the most enlightening and supportive commentaries on my work I’ve ever received – he praised the creative works whilst stressing the need for me to ‘loosen up’ my writing and reject the bureaucratic nature of academic writing.  I couldn’t agree more with the latter.

So now I’ve got some time to let the reports sink in and decide what to incorporate and what to rebut.  There’s a deadline to get everything finalised by July 31, especially if I want to graduate in September this year.  It would be nice to collect my Masters whilst I’m still in my twenties.

Oh, did I mention I’m very happy?  I am.


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