Back to backyard

Nice dose of rain this evening.  Once  I heard it hit the roof I quickly grabbed the gear and set everything up under a bright blue umbrella for that special ‘conditioned field recording’ sound.

The rig is still out there now…we’ll see how it all sounds later.


2 thoughts on “Back to backyard”

  1. hey ya Tristan, not sure if you’ll see this comment now buti been moving house and readjusting to new routines. have loved getting your posts especially about new songs etc…i find going from ‘sound art’ to songwriting a little confusing at mo…anyways loved this backyard post – i think recording house environment fab and may do that at the new place. i have a song calle BThe Umbrella song – the said umbrella in the song is blue – so incase you wanna catch song accomp to your pic….it can be found here –

  2. Hi Christine, regarding this post on the umbrella recording unfortunately I accidentally deleted the audio file so the results will remain silent. I’ll be posting some more recent ‘house-centric’ recordings soon. As for the new songs, the jump from sound art to songwriting is a necessary thing for me to do every now and then..hopefully some more stuff will come about soon. Will check out your MySpace page later this evening!

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