TLR live at Headquaters 19/6/2010

Jason Sweeney captured my live performance at Sound Level #1 last Saturday evening.  You can download it via YouSendIt for the next seven days here: the following week, I’ll redirect the file to my server.

Update: the file can now be downloaded here.

Duration 17:50, 40MB mp3 file.
Recorded by Jason Sweeney on the 19th June 2010 at Sound Level #1, HeadQuarters Studio, Richmond, South Australia.

If you liked the latest EP Projections Of Loss, then you might want to check this recording out.  It’s got a lot of textural manoeuvring, and features (towards the end) the sympathetic resonating of Noah Symon’s drumkit (not intended as part of the performance..but a welcome inclusion nonetheless!) and the quiet purchase of some beer behind the curtain.


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