Mid-winter hibernation

Greetings from the middle bit of the year!  It’s colder than usual here in South Australia…blankets, heaters and hot pots of tea have never been more welcome.

The second half of 2010:

July’s panning out to be a bit of a quiet month which is nice after all of the business of performances and the release of the latest EP.  It’s now a good time for me to take stock of things this month and plan for the remainder of the year, which includes a SALA Festival collaboration with artist Ryan Sims in August (Stitch Sound – more details soon) and a trip to New Zealand in October, including a planned live performance in merry old Dunedin.

New gear:

Late last month I upgraded from my mini disc recorder and bought a Roland Edirol R-09 HR recorder.

Edirol R 09-HR

It’s a lovely little device – compact and convenient with superior sound quality and a cute pouch and tiny tripod.  It’s renewed my interest in high quality field recording and over the past week I’ve been making recordings in the backyard and seeking out possible recording locations on my morning walk to work through the Waite Arboretum.  I’m hoping to make a couple of pre-dawn recordings there over the next week but I fear the extremely chilly mornings might keep me in bed.


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