I have an upcoming collaborative work with artist Ryan Sims for the SALA Festival’s Moving Image program curated by Karen Paris.  Stitchsound will comprise of three performances by Ryan and myself as well as an installation within the performance site for the duration of the program.  For the performances Ryan and myself will be engaging in a performative ‘dialogue’, whereby the sounds that I generate from a turntable will be interpreted by Ryan and transcribed into stitches on fabric record sleeves thus creating a visual representation of the sonic process and (in the form of the record sleeves) evoking a symbolic relationship to the medium from which the sounds are being generated.  Furthering this relationship, three fabric turntables will also be installed during the performance and will be displayed for the purposes of the installation as well.

EDIT: All performances and entry to the installation is FREE.

Opening night, Performance 1: 6-8pm, Saturday 31st July
Performance 2: 11am, Thursday 5th August
Performance 3: 4pm, Saturday 7th August
Artist talk: following Performance 2, 5th August

Queen’s Theatre. Playhouse Lane, Adelaide (access from Currie St or Morphett St)


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