Cinema disquiet

I’ve been meaning to upload this recording for awhile.  It’s a recording made on my HD recorder shortly before a screening of Inception at the Palace Nova cinema on Rundle Street, Adelaide.

I recently got hold of sound artist and theorist Brandon LaBelle’s new publication Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life which examines sonic topographies of the urban environment.  As I was making my way through the sometimes impenetrable academic text (which Continuum texts have a reputation for) I found my thoughts going back to the recording that I’d made.

The sounds one hears before a film screening are reasonably familiar – the rustling of clothing and snacks, conversations and the occasional bleep and twitter of mobile phones.  What I find most interesting about this scenario is the nature of the cinema conversation – specifically the way that conversations amongst family, friends and couples are often quiet and brief, conditioned somewhat by the social context and acoustic nature of the environment.  Such is the accorded quietude and dead air ambience of this space, the cinema conversation slips in and out of auditory relief for an attentive listener (such as me.)  Though this isn’t always the case (larger crowds are akin to more of a cacophony) I’d say this recording is a good example of aforementioned scenario.

Download: Cinema audience (pre-screening) Recorded to stereo Edirol HR-09 HD recorder 15th June 2010, 3:08, 7MB, 320 kbps mp3


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