Lap topless

At the moment I’m prepping material for my next couple of live performances – a short radio set for Radio Adelaide on September 16th and a Dunedin solo show during my New Zealand excursion in October.   As my thoughts turned to the NZ show awhile back it became obvious that I wouldn’t be carrying my laptop with me since I’ll be living out of a 60 litre backpack for two weeks and tramping for four days in Fiordland prior to hitting Dunners.  The lappy would be a bit too exposed to the elements for my liking so it had to be removed from the equation.

So how to fill the void?  Since 2007 I’ve been performing with a laptop – the epicenter of my performance set-up, which performs the role of an audio processor and sample bank.  I decided to approach the challenge of going laptop-less as a possible launching pad for working without the laptop occasionally – in the conception of work, studio composition and live performance.

So here’s the proposed set-up for both the upcoming shows…the September performance will provide a good testing ground for the NZ show:

2 iPod Touches
I’m still a bit thrown by how powerful these things can be as interfaces, sound generators and sequencers.  I’ll be relying on the device as both a sound generator and sequencer, probably using one as a basic signal generator and the other as a sequencer.

Korg Monotron

An awesome acquisition.  I got this a couple of weeks ago and I’m still having a great deal of fun with it.  Aside from being able to (very) faithfully sound like a traditional Korg analog synth (well, a very simplistic one!), the auxiliary input allows the processing of an incoming signal – i.e. using the LFO in tandem with the Voltage Controlled Filter.

Edirol HR-09

Another recent acquisition.  This is a hard disk recorder that is absolutely wonderful to work with for field and studio recordings.  I’m still undecided what role it will play in the set-up, maybe I’ll just record the performance with it!  Alternatively, I could use it as a microphone or audio playback device.  We’ll see.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Suprise, another recent acquisition.  I’ve been after a new delay pedal for a long time and decided it would be best investing a good amount of cash in one of these.  It’s great a simple delay pedal (50-6000ms) but it also has some nice additional features such as a modulator, reverse and hold function.  This will be an ideal device for sustaining and looping material.

So, it’s going to be pretty straightforward – a couple of sound generators and processors, the challenge now is to get something substantial out of it. More soon.


2 thoughts on “Lap topless”

  1. Nice work. I find it a refreshing change with zero worry about any form of laptop failure. Just double check those patch leads 🙂 look forward to hearing it.

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