Dunedin interview

This isn't Aaron Hawkins (suprisingly) It's a mystery girl modelling one of Radio 1's v neck t-shirts. Why is it here? I felt I needed an image specific to this blog post. Is it specific? Not really I guess. Image: radio1.nz

Here’s a podcast of an interview with Aaron Hawkins for Dunedin’s Radio 1 to promote the recent 14th October performance at None. We discuss a variety of topics – a brief history of the Electronic Music Unit, my background as a musician, DIY instruments, teapots, Chip tune music, tech gear and improvised music. If that sounds like an impressive discussion, it is! But as a symptom of an early morning rise I sound pretty tired, mostly agreeable and a little evasive (with a tendency to meander) around certain questions I don’t think I had the capacity to answer succinctly. Don’t let that put you off though!

TLR Interview w/Aaron Hawkins (13.10.2010, Dunedin Radio 1, NZ) 17:35, 7MB, 64kbps (mono)


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