New tracks: “Parlour” and “Lamb & Frost”

More new music! I’ve decided to release some tracks as I transition into a bit of end-of-year downtime.  “Parlour” and “Lamb & Frost” are recently composed tracks that I’m planning to put on an album sometime in the new year.  “Parlour” is something a bit new for me – whilst the overtly melodic nature of the track is a change, acoustic guitar hasn’t made an appearance on any of my previous electronic music forays.  Its sound is really suiting the kind of music I’m wanting to create at the moment.  “Lamb & Frost” is something altogether different – a short melancholie track with washes of reverberant synth textures.

You can listen to “Parlour” below.  If you want to listen to/DL “Lamb & Frost”, follow the link to my Bandcamp page.

Bandcamp link:

Parlour by red_robin



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