Web/release overhaul

Shortly I’ll be removing pre-2010 music releases from my website – Mimi, Tique, Tiefurt, Enlaced, Staub and Oslo.  Why?  For a while I’ve felt a little uneasy with these releases, there’s some great material on all of them but I feel as albums and eps, they just don’t cut it for me anymore.  If you have downloaded and listened to any of these releases I am very grateful for grabbing your attention with my various studio wanderings over the last couple of years.  This won’t be the end for these releases as such since I’m prepping an expanded version of the compilation Before and After Sleep which was released by Echo Obscura Records at the beginning of this year.  The new version of Before and After Sleep will feature the original tracks with the addition of a few more tracks from Mimi, Tique and Tiefurt.

Mimi, Tique, Enlaced, Staub and Oslo will be removed from my website in the first week of the new year as the site undergoes an obligatory overhaul.  So consider this a last drinks call, if you want them get them now!  They’re free!

Download via the TLR website discog: http://www.tristanlouthrobins.com/discog.html


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