Infuser, recordings and other

Happy new year! After a much needed break from work and art I’m getting back into the swing of things with a couple of upcoming projects.

As previously posted late last year, Infuser (the teapot work) is going to be exhibited for a short period as part of the 2011 Format Festival from February 24-27 in the Format Space bookstore.  It will be an expanded version of the work, incorporating seven teapots.  If this version of Infuser works out, I’m planning to carry it over to the SALA Festival in August (I’m currently sussing out a few potential exhibition spaces at the moment…)

I’m very slowly working on a new release at the moment which I started work on after I released Projections of Loss in mid-2010.  It will still be awhile before it all approaches completion, at the moment everything sounds pretty disjointed (but promising!)

A release that should be completed very soon will be a collection of field recordings made on my recent excursion to the south island of New Zealand.  The sound of various birds, traffic, glaciers, mountain huts and caves will feature prominently.  More details on this soon.

I’m also writing songs as well!


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