On yer bike

New bike, old bike and The Accident:

I recently bought a new bicycle – an exciting new shiny thing on two wheels that assists me with getting to and from work and occasionally embarks on longer excursions.  Up until about two years ago I didn’t think I’d be able to ride a bike again.  In 1996 when I was 15 I had a horrendous collision with a car pulling out of a parking space, the details are a bit too grisly to describe (and a little unnecessary), suffice to say the experience left me traumatised and thoughts of riding a bike again were remote at best.  Then, at the beginning of 2009 my lovely girlfriend suggested that I start riding again with her to places like the nearby farmer’s market in Goodwood.  Of course I needed a bike and Lauren’s mum proffered a temporary ride in the form of a pollen yellow 1981 Malvern Star, whilst Lauren bought me a helmet, some reflectors and a bike lock for my 28th birthday.  I was shaky at first but gradually got my confidence back and a month later I was commuting to work and occasionally riding to the city on the yellow beast.  Being the obsessive type that I am, I eventually wore that bicycle out by mid-2010 and have been using loaners since then.  Now I have a new Merida Crosstrail which has been given a decent run around and I’m looking forward to some longer journeys later in the year.    I’m an enthusiastic advocate for bike riding – as an alternative mode of transport, health and fitness benefits and its positive environmental implications.

The Torrens River bike path and a potential recording project:

Since I started using the Torrens River bike path that runs from the Adelaide CBD to the Gulf St Vincent with an approximate distance of 12km, I’ve thought of making some audio recordings that are facilitated in part from traveling by bike.  This wouldn’t necessarily entail strapping my Edirol HD recorder to my handlebars (this sounds a bit too perilous) but instead make some stationary recordings at unique locations along  a given bike paths.  There are plenty of nice spots for potential recording along the Torrens River bike path, as well and many other pathways that encircle the Adelaide CBD and its surrounding districts.

You can expect to hear something over the next couple of weeks.

Source: http://www.southaustralianpathways.com

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