Infuser @ Format – wrap up

The four-day installation of Infuser was a great success at the 2011 Format Festival.  I was really happy with the outcome and it worked especially well with the Format Zine Store space.   The modified teapots were arranged on a shelf around magazines, books, thrift store lamps and were there to greet patrons at the entrance of the Format space as they explored the greater space or sat with books and laptops in the Zine Store space.  This was a very different installation context to the more conventional 2009 presentation in the ARI gallery space.  I think that the Format installation was far more successful and interesting, I felt it complemented the space nicely and its discrete volume didn’t overwhelm the overall sound field of conversations, street traffic and ambient sound.  Most importantly, it grabbed people’s attention and I received some lovely feedback on the work.  On the basis this, I’m thinking there may be a better future for the work in spaces like this – such as bookstores and cafes maybe..

Here’s a selection of photos I took and a short video.

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