Field recordings via SoundCloud

Today I started uploading some field recordings onto SoundCloud: a recording made from a Hostel window in Weimar and winds whipping around Luxmore Hut in New Zealand in the wee hours of the morning. More to come!

Sounds from a window in Weimar, Germany – 1pm; 20 September 2008

From the second floor of Hababusch hostel (Geleitstrasse 4, Weimar, Germany) Recorded on an Sony MD MZ-NH700 with a Sony stereo condenser microphone. Lots of passing conversations, cars idling, bicycles and the chiming of distant bells. The hostel is in one of the areas of Weimar where the sound field is immediate and dense with human activity and reverberations.

Winds pass through Luxmore Hut – 3am; 8 October 2010

Luxmore Hut is located about 15km south-west from Te Anau on the South Island of New Zealand. It is the first hut along the Kepler Track (a 60km tramping track circuit) in the Fiordland National Park. The hut is roughly 1400km above sea level and is the highest point of the track. There are incredible views from the hut of the surrounding mountains and Lake Te Anau. At the time of our arrival there had been an unseasonable late snow drop which covered the whole mountain plain in thick (deep) snow with the very likely chance of avalanches, had we decided to tramp further (we didn’t.) This recording documents the seemingly ferocious winds that surrounded the hut in the early hours of the morning. I couldn’t sleep very well – I was pretty spooked by the jolts of wind, the creaks of the hut and the occasional short whistle. Even more disconcerting was the silence as the wind suddenly dropped for a few seconds before starting up again. Recorded on an Edirol HD-09 hard disk recorder with mic gain and limiter activated.


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