Field recordings via SoundCloud #2

I recently uploaded a couple more recent field recordings to SoundCloud. I’ve included the audio descriptions that appear on SoundCloud. This has also been updated in the previous post. Enjoy!

Fox Glacier Walk – New Zealand – 10am; 4 October 2010

During our 2011 trip to the South Island of New Zealand, Lauren and I visited Fox Glacier for a couple of days.We spent a day traversing the massive and spectacular glacier that stretches 13km from the Southern Alps and reaches its terminal face amongst towering cliffs and lush rainforest.A truly amazing and beautiful place.This recording documents a section of the guided group’s ascent up one side of the glacier.The ice that we were walking upon was especially crunchy and a bit slushy due to a week of warm and sunny days – great weather for glacier walking!Unfortunately, I didn’t have a wind popper at the time for my recorder so there is occasional light wind popping.Recorded on an Edirol HR-09 stereo HDD with normal mic input.

Two shafts by Lake Te Anau, New Zealand – 2pm; 11 October 2010

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in Te Anau, Lauren and I took a casual stroll along the banks of Lake Te Anau. I discovered a couple of service shafts that had some attractive sounds that one could make out from a distance amongst the ambiance of lapping water, distant cars, twittering birds and chattering insects. I recorded both of these shafts by positioning the recorder ‘belly up’ on each of the metal doors. I placed my jumper over the recorder on both occasions as to isolate the sound of rattling pipes and subtle resonances coming from each of the shafts. You’ll hear distinct differences between the shafts – in terms of texture, dynamic, resonance and overall loudness. The respective recordings have been normalized and EQ’d (very slightly) in an attempt to faithfully restore these recordings to a semblance what I heard at the time. As a result of this process there is a little noise on both of these recordings. If only I’d had a couple of transducer mics on hand! Recorded on an Edirol HR-09 stereo HHD.


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